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Disability insurance attorney

Disability occurs when an individual is unable to perform the duties of their occupation due to injury or illness. Disability can take many forms, including but not limited to herniated discs, chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue, immune dysfunction syndrome or reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

When one can’t work because of illness or injury, they are entitled to disability insurance and a fixed sum of money is paid to the injured on a weekly or monthly basis. Disability insurance is available through an employer or from private insurers.

There are many cases however, when the insurance company denies a disability insurance claim or terminates it unfairly. Some of the most common reasons for the disability insurance claim being denied are:

  • The insurance company may be unable to find any objective method to confirm your disability. The injured might suffer from debilitating pain that is not shown in X-rays, giving the insurance companies an opportunity to terminate the disability claim. 
  • Disability claims are also often terminated if there is a pre-existing condition. In practice this means that if the injured has previously received medical treatment or taken medicine related to the claimed disability, the claim will not be considered as valid.
  • There are policies that require the claimant to be injured continuously for between 30 days and 6 months in order to be eligible for benefits. This means that any improvement in one’s condition may be grounds for cancellation of benefits.
  • Disability insurance companies often draft policies with confusing terms that give them reasons for delaying or denying disability income benefits.

If you are currently experiencing difficulty collecting your disabaility benefits, you can approach a disability insurance attorney for legal assitance. A disability insurance lawyer helps the disabled throughout the legal procedure of filing and executing a claim, including filing all paperwork for the client, obtaining the necessary medical records, preparing the client for filings and hearings, and getting the claim approved. The attorney can stop a claim from being terminated, negotiate disability policy settlements for their clients, or successfully handle the disabled person’s lawsuit

UnumProvident Corporation is the largest disability insurance company in the United States. The disability insurance policies are intended to provide compensation to the disabled if they are suffering from any injury or illness and are unable to work. There have been cases when UnumProvident has denied legitimate disability claims and/or cancelled existing ones for profit. A unum attorney is expert in cases dealing with Unum disability insurance.

If you have had a similar experience, or would like a free consultation regarding disability insurance claims, call us today on 800-776-6700. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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